Chase Pittman

Finance and accountancy are two of Chase Pittman's specialties!


Chase Pittman has a diverse range of experience in addition to his financial and accounting backgrounds.
He received high honors from Auburn University's MBA program after graduating with distinction. Pittman has previously worked with a number of companies, including Mirion Technologies, Caraustar (which Grief purchased), and Caraustar International, among others (formerly thyssenkrupp).
Chase Pittman has had a significant impact on enterprises that have been sponsored by private equity firms over the course of the prior few years, according to his own admission. Having completed ten purchases and one successful sale in the previous three years, he has demonstrated that he knows what he is doing in the business world. Chase Pittman, Vice President and Corporate Controller at TK Elevator, is in charge of financial planning, taxation, and internal audits. He began working for the organization in 2007.

Originally from Atlanta, Chase Pittman is a freelance writer and public speaker who is married and the father of three children. He works from home. Recreational pursuits that he enjoys include golf, travel, and skiing are just a few examples.